Before the eye service

The application is painless. When the light pulse is emitted, it is possible that the customer will briefly feel a warm sensation. The flash intensity can be adapted individually to each customer.
A session takes between 5 and 10 minutes.
A complete eye service consists of 3-4 sessions at the following intervals: Day 0, Day 15, Day 45, Day 75 (optional). After having performed this protocol, the effect will last for a period from 6 months to 3 years. An annual booster in the form of a single eye service session is recommended.

During the session

The application will be carried out below the eyes in the region of the upper cheekbones. At no time will there be direct contact with the eyes (non-invasive).
The protective goggles protect the eyes of the optician from the bright light pulses.
The protective goggles protect the eyes from the light pulses.
The gel protects the skin during the application and promotes the transmission of the light pulse. The gel is neutral and completely scentless.

After the session

For intensive sunbathing after the session, applying high-level sun protection (factor 30) is recommended.
There are no known side effects. After the session, slight reddening may occur for a short while.

When is it forbidden to perform the eye service?

Pregnant women are advised against undergoing eye service applications.
Customers suffering from diabetes may undergo the eye service only after having consulted a physician.
Persons on medication belonging to the family of photosensitizers shall not undergo eye service sessions as otherwise skin irritations may occur.
People having dark pigmented or black skin must not undergo eye service sessions, as their melanine concentration is too high and the skin surface will absorb the light waves. In their case, superficial burns can result.
The use on tanned skin is generally possible, as the intensity of the flash can be adapted individually. Following intensive sunbathing, however, you should wait one month until undergoing eye service.
For minors, the consent of their legal guardians is required.
Pulsed light must not be used directly on moles and tattoos. However, its safe use is possible thanks to specifically provided protective covers.
In the event of skin infections such as psoriasis or eczema/shingles, the eye service should not be performed if there exists inflammation in the vicinity of the eyes.