Leading technology from France.

Confirmed effectiveness

The eye service relies on leading technology made in France: the patented Intense Regulated Pulsed Light technology (IRPL®). This technology makes it possible to generate perfectly calibrated and homogenous light pulses that help normalize the function of the meibomian glands and thus eliminate Dry Eyes and consequently further eye pain.

Its high effectiveness was confirmed in clinical trials. The effect lasts only a few days after the first application and cumulates with each of the three to four eye service sessions. After the second session, complaints are already alleviated significantly.


Measured efficiency

Since 2013 clinical studies with more than 500 representative persons have been carried out (*Source: www.esw-vision.com/press-releases). Also patient surveys show clear improvements in the individual perception of their own situation with regards to dry, burning, red, sticky, itchy eyes. The improvement in symptoms is around 90% after the first two applications. This improvement was assessed based on a survey about the complaints prior to and after the application and about the improvement achieved with regard to reading or working on a computer screen. The improvement was noticeable already after the first application session, would, at first, last several days, and, with every further session, the improvement would last longer and longer.

Effectiveness proven by clinical studies: